What Is Trending In Kitchen Design

What Is Trending In Kitchen Design

Striving for a Pinterest worthy kitchen? 

Let’s guide your project with some fun design ideas.

Not that there's anything wrong with a sophisticated design but homeowners just want to enjoy the space they cook in. 

Interiors should of course be an extension of our personality, so that is the reason we are seeing more colours and textures in the kitchen. 


It would be impossible to discuss kitchen design trends without touching on white. 


White is still prominent in kitchen design however its seen more of an accent colour for example, a white countertop.  


Explore the images below to get inspired to renovate your kitchen. 

 Mixing Metal and Wood

Warm up the all-white kitchen with some wood tone. 

Two tone kitchen have made it possible to embrace wood textures.

Having the base cabinet wood and the uppers white allows for light to be reflected back into the space to create an airy feeling.

Metals in appliances are inevitable, however having metal chandelier and bar stools can be pushing the design envelope.

The trick to mixing metals is to use it as an accent piece such as distressed metal chandelier and gold bar stools. 

Source: Millhaven Homes https://www.millhavenhomes.com/gallery/fox-hollow-farmhouse/

Source: Millhaven Homes https://www.millhavenhomes.com/gallery/fox-hollow-farmhouse/

Wood Panelling on the Ceiling

“I want a home with character” this is a popular saying by home buyers in the hit TV show House Hunters on HGTV


People fail to realize that character can be brought into a new home. The image below is an example of a new build that evokes lots of character.


The panelled ceiling, distressed floors, pastel island and gold chandelier are a few design details that can revamp the look of a boring kitchen. 

Source: Voyage Houston http://voyagehouston.com/interview/art-life-brooke-brown-lead-designer-lb-limited-co-lucas-brown-president-lb-limited-co/

 Modern Farmhouse

We are still living in the farmhouse era, made famous by Joanna Gains the Fixer Upper designer on HGTV.


Farmhouse style has definitely transformed from “shiplap, shiplap, shiplap” to black metal and brick. 


The below image is the perfect illustration of this, there are three main textures wood, metal and brick. 

This style is suitable for both masculine and industrial design, which shows the versatility of mixing different textures. 


Source: Lisa Furey Interiors https://www.lisafureyinteriors.com/gallery-interior-design

No Wall Cabinet

Marie Kondo has made minimalism popular this year and kitchen designers have embraced it.   


By eliminating wall cabinets and using shelves it reduces the ability to collect clutter. 


By having white backsplash and white walls the kitchen can instantly feel coastal, beachy, and inviting.

Source: Veneer Designs https://www.veneerdesigns.com/los-feliz

Source: Studio McGee https://www.studio-mcgee.com/studioblog/2017/4/24/promontory-project-great-room-kitchen

Playing with Black 

A bold statement to make is to have black countertop or backsplash. 


Having black countertop can be functional as it doesn’t show stains easily, this is beneficial for a busy household. 


A much easier way to use black is through a backsplash. Black subway tile is a fun way to incorporate a classic touch yet still maintain a strong design style.  

Source: Nyla Free Design https://www.nylafreedesigns.com/country-house/nh6obiz0jf3jv306h32j4zwmlpsz7q

Source: Houzz https://www.houzz.com/projects/5494059/michael-habachy

Colorful Kitchens

Bring nature into the kitchen using blue and green. 


An all blue or green kitchen is very popular right now, as it evokes a sense of youthfulness. 


A monochromatic kitchen is a bit reminiscent of the retro kitchens in the 50’s and 60’s with mint green or pastel pink kitchen. 


The colours today are more saturated which gives it a more sophisticated look. 

Source: Bright Bazaar Blog https://www.brightbazaarblog.com/2017/10/beach-house-kitchen.html

Source: Devol Kitchens https://www.devolkitchens.co.uk/kitchens/shaker-kitchen/kitchen-hove


Will it Be Worth It

Kitchen design has become more funky and stylish.

A renovation project is exciting, so let it reflect your personality in a stylish and tasteful way. 


As a financial investment, it’s important to recognize the industry trends so that you have confidence that the design will stand the test of time.